An Abiding Love for Star Wars

I’ve held a deep and abiding love for Star Wars all of my life. And recreating Star Wars props and visual elements and making them available online has been a joy in my life for many years.

Here I worked on a replica of the Praetorian Guard double sword. While most Star Wars props are finished with a flat black, this one stands out with its vibrant red color.

You can see the progression to finally being carried by one of my customers in full Praetorian Guard armor.

Rendering Complex Shapes

This recreation of a sand compactor tool from the beloved 2022 movie Dune was one of the projects our team has worked on recently using only on-screen footage for reference.

It’s amazing how the best designed objects look great whether enormous or miniscule. Seen from a bugs-eye view, this handheld tool appears to take on massive proportions.

Creating Functional Props

One of the interesting challenges with 3D design is going from design to the practical and useful. And when it comes to going from an in-game element like this Star Wars DC-15S Republic Commando blaster, making it into a working prop replica with electronics, every millimeter is accounted for.

Below you can see our evolution of the project from a whole 3D element. First, we created space for electronics and mechanical elements, then we rendered out the blaster, and finally we built a 3D printed prototype.